IRIS.tracking in Berlin –
new construction project, continuous progess in digitalisation

40,000 m², 19 houses, 432 flats and a day-care centre – that is the Alboingärten construction project in the Berlin district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. The semi-finished parts from more than 300 deliveries are recorded with IRIS.tracking and now the tracking of the more than 1400 windows is also starting with IRIS.

 The special thing about this project is the site team: open-minded about technical innovations and motivated to use them for efficient work. At the nearby, recently completed Südkreuz project, semi-finished parts tracking with IRIS was used for the first time. At that time, the construction site team consisted of young colleagues who focused on the technical implementation in IRIS and experienced team members who formulated the requirements from the construction process. It was precisely this mixture that led to further development in line with requirements. All optimisations and adjustments implemented in IRIS during the Südkreuz project now benefit the Alboingärten project.

Dominick Hirsch joined the ZÜBLIN team at the Südkreuz project as a working student and is now working with IRIS again as a young site manager at the Alboingärten. He describes the development of the component tracking as follows: “The months of using IRIS gradually brought to light weaknesses in the software. Due to the constant presence of the ITC team, our site team has started to think about how to use IRIS for process optimisation and innovation and how to adapt it further. Thanks to close cooperation, the further development of IRIS and the progress of construction went hand in hand”. In the meantime, he says, it has become a very good tool for keeping track of things. All data is stored centrally in IRIS so that all parties involved can access the information in real time. This means that the current status on the construction site can be viewed at any time by the team on site, by colleagues in the office and by suppliers.
“The semi-finished parts in the Alboingärten project are tracked only with IRIS – from planning to installation”. And that is after all more than 300 deliveries for all ceilings in 19 houses.

After completion of the building shell, the windows are also recorded with IRIS throughout the entire process chain. This is where another innovation takes effect: IRIS also supports Android devices with integrated bar/QR code scanners such as the Zebra TC25, which is suitable for the use on construction sites. This means that QR codes for component tracking can be captured more easily and quickly with IRIS. Transmission is via mobile data and the result is immediately shown on the display – unlike with conventional mobile hand scanners.

The cooperation of all parties involved in the process runs absolutely smoothly. The semi-finished parts supplier Thomas Beton as well as the window manufacturer FTR Rösler use IRIS via an interface to their factory software or a specially installed QR code scanner in the factory to record the status “window produced”.

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Contact: Christoph Köhler and Laura Cyprian, ITC Engineering