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IRIS is a modern and universally-applicable process and data platform for the construction industry. With the software you can manage and analyse a variety of projects in one data pool.

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What is IRIS?

The Integrated Risk Information System is an innovative project platform for management and digitisation of construction processes and supply chains.

IRIS allows web-based and mobile access to

  • all relevant project information,
  • integrated data analysis and
  • powerful visualisation.


All internal and external project participants can access the real-time data in IRIS centrally and the interfaces to suppliers/ subcontractors promote transparent cooperation.


What are IRIS Solutions?

They are ready-to-use solutions with a focus on the management of data, processes and projects. Each solution is designed flexible and includes the necessary tools for the respective industry. allows you to digitally record, visualise, analyse and optimise your building processes with the help of BIM.

IRIS.tunnel enables process data management, analysis and visualisation for your mechanical tunnel driving.

IRIS.teams is a cloud-based, multi-project solution for collaboration within your project teams and beyond your project.

The solutions can easily be extended and combined depending on the process.



What are IRIS Applications?

Each IRIS solution contains different solutions such as digital conrete ordering via IRIS.concrete, automatic data evolution with IRIS.tunnel and the central platform Project Management Hub. According to your needs, you can combine the IRIS applications, you can select different applications and group them into a complete solution. The selection is made individually according to your needs, so that your business processes can be supported optimally.

We gladly support you in the selection of suitable applications for your project.


Requirements Engineering

ITC Engineering has been supporting various clients in the planning, execution and operation of IT projects worldwide for over 10 years. We develop user-oriented solutions customised to your requirements. We support your projects based on the structured innovation method Design Thinking.

The more clearly the requirements are understood, the better it is possible to map the goal of the software. Before you start with the concrete implementation of an IT solution, we can support you in asking the right questions, interpreting different interests and bringing them together systematically. This results in a prototype which is tested directly with your target group.
At the end you will receive a clearly structured plan that can be put into practice. The concrete functional and technical requirements are documented and prioritised.

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Software Development

We use agile software development. Agile methods have revolutionised the IT industry. They are firmly anchored in the company and are becoming increasingly important, particularly in the execution of complex projects. The strengths of these methods include cross-industry application and flexible adaptation to rapidly changing influencing factors.

Our experienced team of software developers and our own software quality department work together across teams and countries to create individual solutions.

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UX Design

User Experience Design deals with usability issues. It includes many professional fields, such as:

  • User Research
  • Usability Engineering
  • User Interface Design

Steps we take to achieve a positive user experience and to develop software that you really need:

  • We are in close contact with our clients and take their wishes and needs seriously
  • We follow ISO standard 9241 “Ergonomics of human-system interaction”
  • We work with a user-centered approach and Design Thinking methodologies to translate your needs and ideas into designs
  • We also offer regular feedback sessions with you to match our ideas with your specific needs

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Since all data is centrally collected and stored in IRIS, you and all project participants can access the information at any time and from different devices – via mobile IRIS apps or a web browser.

About ITC

ITC Engineering stands for Innovation Technology Consulting. Since 2009 we have been developing software solutions for the construction industry. Software developers, software testers, UX designers, product owners and much more colleagues work on our product IRIS.

Our aim is automating and digitalising construction projects, enabling mobile access to data and optimising process chains. It is important for us to remain at the cutting edge of technology. That’s why we deal with topics such as BIM and are working on research projects with:

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